Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nissan, new accessory for iPhone?

A good news about Nissan accessories, Nissan has developed an application for iPhone and iPod touch can communicate with the electric cars of the brand to obtain information remotely. The car will send two information, the battery status and temperature inside the vehicle. In return, the application could activate the air conditioning or heating.

This system addresses a common need when you have an electric car: knowing when the batteries are charged before leaving. The application will not be content and not the current level of the battery, but also inform the user about the remaining term of office, and its cost. The activation of air conditioning or heating, also remotely makes sense: better cool or warm the car until it is connected to the grid, it makes much you saved on the road.

All this is still in the prototype stage. It should be publicly presented on Sunday, and marketed in North America and Japan in early 2010. It is unclear exactly how the system, including which network is the transmission of information, but this is an outlet for original mobile devices from Apple ...

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