Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Your Voices

I could still hear the remains of the old song
I could still hear the roaring of the faraway ocean beyond the blue-filled night

This pain in my heart, could it be the shadow of someone dear to me?

I am here now, like a ship swaying in the sea of time
I could hear your voice, the sea is trembling

From my closed eyes, a drop of tear runs pass the fragments of the days that have gone by
As I wander around, I keep a distance and gaze up at the bird flying above the sky

The words I entrust in the wind, will they reach the side of someone dear to me?

I am here now, like the wings fluttering
I could hear your voice, tearing the sky apart

Before long, I shall be walking under the shining light
I could hear your voice, time has begun to move along

One day, after endless struggling, I shall, without any doubt, return to that place
This song never ends, I will never forget

I will never forget you...

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Under This Blue Sky

In our childhood days, the two of us
Were always chasing after a dream
You and me, with our big round eyes
We kept talking
Meaningless stories, dreaming stories
They were our precious treasures!

Under this blue sky
Because I believe we'll meet again
Though alone, I continue to walk
To search for our promised future
If I keep going, embracing our dream
It will be granted, as tomorrow comes

In those times when we were so busy
In the days that went by
The dream between just the two of us
We had hidden it somewhere
Suddenly it was found, your eyes were so sad
But don't worry, it's still shining!

Under this blue sky
The miracle of us meeting again
Like the dream of that day
Let's hold our hands and go
Once again, we lift our heads and begin walking
Our dream will be granted, as tomorrow comes

Under this blue sky
We are walking again
As we sketch brand new shining dreams for each of us
At times strongly alone, at times together
We will always believe, as tomorrow comes

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