Sunday, December 27, 2009

How to wash you car interior

All you need to clean your car interior :

• A vacuum cleaner

• A sponge

• A clean soft cloth

• Liquid dishwashing

• A product renovating for plastics

• A special cleaning car leather



Vacuum at least twice a year.

For a deep cleaning (stains, smells of cigarettes ...) it will use a vacuum injection / extraction: you send the product mixed with water in the seats, you rub and you aspirate water and dirt with.

Take a regular cleaner especially for leather car based beeswax or lanolin. All products silicone products for contractors and the usual leather shoe polishes are avoided.

Carpets and floor mats

Shake rugs regularly and vacuum when necessary. Their maintenance is important because it prevents the passage of moisture which accelerates corrosion of the floor.


Get regular sponge and dishwashing liquid. Then use a bomb antistatic renovating to restore luster to your plastic and reduce dust deposits.


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