Friday, February 26, 2010

KIA Soul 2010

Although Kia is fairly new in comparison with other automakers, it still deserves a place on this blog. Currently, you are in the center of events regarding the Kia. So, nothing so practical to quickly see what is happening in the world of Kia.

One can not accuse Kia of lacking audacity! Kia had we introduced a vehicle that was unusual in design. It was the Soul, a young-looking vehicle with one of the copies was even equipped with a hybrid engine. A few months later, the 2010 kia soul has indeed found at dealerships and it sells very well. I am not sure however whether the target customers who buy because they are not young people I see driving but women. Indeed, it seems that the female population has been in his vehicle of choice as is the case also for the Mazda MX-5 and the Volkswagen New Beetle.

The designers have given it to heart joy when drawing the Kia Soul. A forward with rounded combines with a back cut with a knife. The roofline is high up the back clearing the head both front and rear. Although many people never asked if my test vehicle had four wheel drive, be aware that this version does not exist. It is probably a blurring of the model designation. Indeed, the 2010 Kia Soul range comprises three models: Basic, 2U and 4U, hence the confusion. 4U The model itself is available in four versions: 4U, Retro, and SX Bolide. So many models available so we add it to the engines and transmissions.

I confess that I expected much less space in the Soul. In addition to good headroom, space for the hips and legs is very good. The upholstery is a little thin and the lateral support is rather low. The area is also well behind.


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