Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Feelings

Can you hear my voice? The voice that is calling out to you.
Yes, I could hear your voice.
Can you hear my song?
What would you give me?
I shall give you much more strength and pleasure.
To you, what is the meaning of mine?
Unification, coexistence, harmony of the world,
I would have to die if I wanted to change.
But I could feel something from you, love...

"Come here, lovely little bird, come inside my heart's cage"
"Fill my heart with the flow of thoughts, and let me hear that song"

Are you feeling afraid?
Yes, I'm feeling afraid.
Are you feeling sad?
Yes, I'm feeling sad.
I understand you,
I could understand you.
You and me are much alike.

Are you feeling hatred?
Yes, I'm feeling hatred.
Are you being chained in a shell?
Yes, I'm being chained in a shell
I understand you,
I could understand you.
You and me are much alike.

What is the reason of your wounds?
Those soft feathers, scattered, stricken by cold rain.
Have you forgotten the gentle wind?
Being betrayed by the world,
Bearing a permanent scar,
You have forgotten the beautiful song...

Listen to this song, the song of truth.
I just understand you...
Whether you are beautiful or you are ugly,
Show me your true self.

"I have opened myself"
The song has revealed everything on my heart"

What is the reason of your sadness?
Inside the cage, your wings being cut by the chains.
Without the tender embrace of your parents,
Being betrayed by the world.
Committing an everlasting sin,
And losing the beautiful song of the past...

Listen to this song, the song of truth...
I just understand you.
Whether I am afraid or I am angry,
Even if you detest my true self,
I could hear your song.
The solid shell protecting your true self, your pure heart...
Yet still, don't stop loving the world...
Please, open yourself to me...


Administrator Frelia said...

Reverence from EXEC_SPHILIA/.

Anonymous said...


sip sip


coba berpuisi pake syair indonesia ? :D

kayaknya kau berbakat ....

oiya free, kulihat kau punya banyak blog ..
sekedar saran dari aku, coba maen CMS ajah dari pada free blog dengan alamat redirect kamu..........

CMS lebih leluasa kita mengatur conten web kita ...sekalian belajar code bahasa pemrogramanya...hihihi

sekedar saran ...heheheheh

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