Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Determination

As the morning sun goes above your traveling shoulders
Why are you not reaching to it?
No matter how much I want to say
Words simply don't come out from my chest
"I'm chasing after you
But in your heart there's still everything about me"

Your dazzling smile
Your hand gently caressing my hair
So that I will not forget everything
I continue to search for you
Even though, like the water being scooped up
My memories are scattered around

Even though just for a little
I really wish I could stop the time
The clock's needle hurriedly makes 'tik-tak' sounds
To inform our walking steps
Engraved on the road, on the field
The remains of our memories, morning is coming to our town

Tomorrow is like a yesterday without you
I will undoubtedly cry
But then, I will wipe away my tears
I will face forward and start walking
While embracing the day called today
And while embracing myself who lives on loving you


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