Saturday, August 15, 2009

Red Sky, Blue Sky

The stray child took a detour one day
As he looked up, it's already dusk
The crowbars after school, the town by the hill

With gentle laughter beside him
His days pass by
The flame of darkness hidden in his heart has went out
Leaving only the smell of alcohol lamp

Keep changing, don't blame yourself
Keep running, like the wind, and shine even more

The dreams he had between the class periods
Whenever he closed his azure blue eyes
The time for the two was never enough

The days come and leave quietly
Putting a cover on his empty dish
Looking beyond the science classroom's windows
He could see the clouded blue sky

Keep changing, I'm still watching you from afar
Keep running, walking with the blowing wind

Always taking a detour like this
Always a stray child like this
Always chasing after the wind of light like this
Always walking like this


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