Thursday, July 2, 2009

Red For Red Roses

The little bird calls to the world
The little bird sings of the world
This bird's song isn't fully born, but I give it to you
For you, eternal dream, unending dream, sweet dream

Dedicated to you, To free you from deep sadness
From the birdcage you gave me, a song of prayer
A little happiness, please be happy, please forever.
Hey, why do you look so sad?
Let me comfort you

I will give you
Red for red rose
It will make you feel well
Bury you in red
many roses...So many roses I love you
many roses, I love you
But, here the flowers are white, in the little birdcage
But there's no problem, I read in the book,
Turn it red
Color the white flower
To blood, like the bird in the book
Rose, for you, yours

The flower's core to red, red like blood
Blood of the richest color
Most beautiful color since my mother birthed me
The first I've seen this color
Rich red rose for you
Covered in blood
Well, will you give me your blessing?
Covered in love
Why don't you speak to me?Covered, for you
Speak to me?

The little bird cries a little in song for mother
For you, eternal dream, unending dream.


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